Vikash Pilli

Vikash Pilli
Functional Expert

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  • Key Areas: Key Area of focus lies in digitizing government processes and aligning e-governance initiatives with regulations. I possess comprehensive knowledge of government processes crucial for digital transformation. I excel in integrating diverse services into unified digital platforms, gathering system requirements, and translating user needs into functional specifications for development teams. Additionally, my-self specialize in designing user-centric interfaces, overseeing digital service delivery, and promoting citizen engagement. I actively contribute to preparing technical RFP bids, coordinating projects, conducting capacity-building programs, and managing change transitions while adhering to best practices and incorporating lessons from successful implementations. My role includes project governance, ensuring transparency, and establishing governance structures for e-governance projects as strategic self-sustaining business units.

Vikash Pilli, with over 15 years of expertise in Electronic Information Technology, encompasses in roles such as Delivery Management, Project Management, Project Manager, Sr. Application Engineer,Lead Consultant, and Business Analysis.

He has worked with esteemed organizations like L&T, Carillion PLC, and Samsung Engineering, gaining extensive experience in managing diverse vendors and clients globally. His proficiency includes executing Smart Governance Projects and exhibiting a keen ability to learn new domains swiftly.

Throughout his career, Vikash Pilli has been involved in numerous customized web portal application development projects, overseeing the implementation of over +20 projects spanning areas such as Construction Management, Building Automation, Home Automation, and Process Automation for factories, as well as Oil and Gas process automation. Additionally, he has integrated these projects with various governance portals.

Vikash Pilli, a recipient of multiple awards and rewards, has been recognized for his consistent contributions in process improvements and customer focus. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and a Postgraduate degree in MBA Project Management from Alagappa University.


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Certified PMP ID-3419991- Project management Professional.

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